Why Is Your “Right” to Bear Arms More Important Than a Child’s Right to Live?

To listen to the gun lobby, one would think that there’s only one right, the right to have as many guns, with whatever lethality and speed of fire, as can be invented and purchased. If a gun can be invented that would escape all detectors, NRA members would say everyone has a right to own that too.  If a gun could be invented that could kill 100 people at the same time, with one pull of the trigger, there’d be a right to own that too.  The answer to guns is always more guns.  Put armed guards around every school.  Put armed guards around every mall, every church and synagogue, every workplace, every public building.  Put concealed weapons into the hands of every neighborhood patroller.  Train everyone so that when they choose to shoot, they will hit and kill their targets.  When a tragedy occurs, it’s not the fault of the guns.  More guns would have meant less death, we’re told.

Come on, America.  Why does this mythical right outweigh everyone else’s right to live in a sane and safe society?  Why does it outweigh the right of a six-year-old child to live his or her life to its natural completion? 

Oh, they are so sorry when tragedy occurs.  It’s someone else’s fault, however.  Don’t look at them!  They didn’t pull the trigger, did they?


About brucejberger

Bruce J. Berger has published his short fiction in a variety of print and on-line literary journals, including Prole, Jersey Devil Press Anthology, The Awakenings Review, Raphael's Village, Eastown Fiction, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and others. He also publishes shorts stories for Amazon's Kindle. He is pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at American University beginning in August 2015.
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6 Responses to Why Is Your “Right” to Bear Arms More Important Than a Child’s Right to Live?

  1. Lourdes Frau says:

    How many bullets does it take to kill Bambi? Will a hunter eat a deer riddled with hollow-point bullets? Do hollow point bullets flavor the venison? Violent video games and news media idolization of killers may put ideas and misguided voices into the mind of young schizophrenics or similarly mentally deranged individuals, but the assault rifles provide the exponential factor. It’s time the “Mothers” took this on—- Every NRA member may not have a child, but every NRA member had a mother—–Time for a spanking!

  2. Jeff Greer says:

    My rights aren’t mythical, and I will fight to preserve them.

    • brucejberger says:

      Jeff: Thanks for commenting on my post. Perhaps “mythical” was a poor choice of words. While the 2d Amendment exists, it must mean something. I assume that when you talk about fighting to preserve whatever rights the 2d Amendment gives you as an individual — if any — you mean that you’d oppose repealing the amendment. That’s our democracy at work, but I hope that many more people will decide they agree with me, force their elected representatives to pass my proposed 28th Amendment, and then force a sufficient number of states to adopt the 28th Amendment so that it becomes the law of our land.

  3. DCL says:

    When statistics for violent crime correlate with your premise I’ll consider it. The problem is your argument doesn’t hold up under its own merits. FBI crime statistics show more people were killed with hands, fists, and feet than rifles. But that’s beside the point. Because the point is guns are inanimate objects until picked up by a living breathing human being. The heart and mind of that human being is responsible for what is done with a gun, club, knife, rock, name your weapon.

    But people like you ignore that element of the equation and jump right to guns. Go see how many kids are beaten to death each year by their parents. Go research the number of children killed by cars, drugs, abuse, and the list goes on. Children killed by guns pale in comparison, but don’t let that stop your misguided crusade which, if implemented, will put all of our lives at risk. May I recommend you take a history lesson and see what happened when citizens were disarmed. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Pol Pot, couldn’t do what they did until they had taken guns away from the citizens. If you don’t think that can happen now, well, you deserve the consequences. Lucky for you, I and my fellow 2nd amendment supporters and gun owners won’t let that happen.

    Again reality does not support your argument. But when did reality stop an agenda.

    • brucejberger says:

      DCL: Thanks for commenting on my post. I would be happy to consider any actual FBI data you provided, but you didn’t provide any. Just making statements about purported statistics doesn’t hold any water with me. But, even if your statistics were correct, it doesn’t bear on my argument, in my opinion. You’d need human beings to set off atomic bombs, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t outlaw the private ownership of atomic bombs.

      Now, I’m just wondering, if the citizenry of this country repealed the 2d Amendment via constitutional means, and if our elected representatives decreed that no private citizen could own automatic rifles or semi-automatic rifles with magazines holding greater than 10 projectiles, what those opposed to such a law would do to preventing that from happening. Disobey the law? Shoot a law enforcement officer — someone probably with a family — trying to enforce the law? I would hope that “gun owners” would be compliant with any such laws. I will assume that you and your fellow 2nd amendment supporters would be law-abiding citizens.

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