Why Ask About Motive Instead of Means?

Another school shooting, too many to keep track of. At least three deaths so far in Washington State, and news reports tell us what we’ve heard before: “Authorities are still trying to determine the motive.” Our “authorities” are so convinced that trying to track down the motive behind a senseless act makes sense that they studiously avoid the much more important question: How did the killer find the means to enact his crazy fantasies? How did the gun get into his hands? Who manufactured the agent of death? Who sold it? Who profited from its manufacture and sale? Who made it available to a murderer, wittingly or unwittingly? What do these manufacturers, retailers, and owners owe society for fostering death and destruction?

Our “authorities” ignore these critical issues, because to do otherwise invites the umbrage of the National Rifle Association and its supporters. The religion – the extremism – of the gun lobby is much more of a threat to our society than the ebola virus. Guns breed violence.


About brucejberger

Bruce J. Berger has published his short fiction in a variety of print and on-line literary journals, including Prole, Jersey Devil Press Anthology, The Awakenings Review, Raphael's Village, Eastown Fiction, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and others. He also publishes shorts stories for Amazon's Kindle. He is pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at American University beginning in August 2015.
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One Response to Why Ask About Motive Instead of Means?

  1. Beila Organic says:

    Thank you, Bruce, for your trenchant comments. Is there anything the “average citizen” can do beyond writing letters to government officials and the media? Which, if any, organizations are working against the NRA and its allies? Have there been any statements about the clear meaning of the Second Amendment’s support of the state’s, not the individual’s, right to bear arms?

    The latest approach to gun violence seems to focus on “mental health”; ignoring the fact that the mere possession of guns can engender a deadly accident or an act of aberration in an emotional crisis involving sane, law-abiding individuals?

    Beila Organic

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