Practice Makes Perfect!

I usually don’t get too political on my blog, but there are times when caution is the wrong approach, times like this year, as the life of our democracy is at stake. So, for everyone who says they can’t vote for Hilary, and instead they will either stay home on election day, or vote for Jill Stein, or vote for Gary Johnson, or write in Bernie Sanders’s name, I have some words of advice:

You need to practice saying: “President Trump! President Trump! PRESIDENT TRUMP!”

Come on, practice. Don’t be afraid. You can do it!

As in: “President Trump suspends the writ of habeas corpus to allow arrest and deportation of anyone suspected of being a Muslim or being here without proper documents.”

As in: “President Trump greets Ku Klux Klan leader at the White House!”

As in: “President Trump praises Putin while Russia invades the Baltic countries.”

I predict these are the headlines from only the first week he’s in office. So, keep practicing until the words “President Trump” slip easily off your tongue.


About brucejberger

Bruce J. Berger has published his short fiction in a variety of print and on-line literary journals, including Prole, Jersey Devil Press Anthology, The Awakenings Review, Raphael's Village, Eastown Fiction, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and others. He also publishes shorts stories for Amazon's Kindle. He is pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at American University beginning in August 2015.
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