What next … the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Dear Mr. Trump,

How dare you pardon and commute the sentences of these criminals?

They must be making millions of dollars of contributions to the dark money funds for your reelection attempt. How much have you soaked them for?

Rod Blagoyevich? He was convicted of 18 felony charges for trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat and a whole lot more skullduggery. That’s how you clean the swamp? You are the swamp. Your Republican enablers in the Senate are the swamp.

Michael Milken? Who committed securities fraud and sold worthless bonds? How much did he pay into your campaign funds? He deserves a pardon?

Bernard Kerik? Convicted of tax fraud and lying to the government? You’re pardoning him because you think tax fraud is a virtue and lying to the government is a commendable way of life.

Having a constitutional power to grant pardons and having a moral basis are two entirely different things.

What next: Grant them the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger

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Dear Unhinged …

Dear Unhinged and Unprincipled Mr. Trump,

As a former prosecutor at the United States Department of Justice, I am deeply horrified by your interference with the criminal justice system on behalf of your friend, Roger Stone.

Does it not matter to you that an American jury – giving of their time and energy, sacrificing their work and family schedules – found Stone guilty of seven serious felonies?

Does it not matter to you that career prosecutors at the Department of Justice came up with a sentencing recommendation within the guidelines set by law?

Does it not matter to you that the Department of Justice is not your personal law firm and is supposed to be independent of presidential interference?

This jury heard evidence and saw evidence of Stone’s lying, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. Why can’t you understand that people who do wrong – who are prosecuted under the laws of the United States, who are convicted beyond a reasonable doubt by a qualified jury – should be punished in accordance with the laws?

Yours in disgust,

Bruce J. Berger

PS – By the way, why haven’t you ever responded to any of my previous 224 letters? Are you too important to even answer one letter from a citizen of the country you head?

Since you won’t respond, I’ve published all the previous letters in book form. I suggest you tell your minions to buy this book and read all the previous letters to you. Or, maybe try to convey the meaning of the letters in pictures. Here’s a link. https://www.amazon.com/Return-Sender-Unanswered-Letters-White/dp/B084DNLVBR/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=bruce+j+berger&qid=1581517483&s=books&sr=1-1

The price for the hard copy is $20.20, because we will celebrate your election defeat in that year.

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Now Available on Amazon! Return to Sender: 224 Unanswered Letters to the White House



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To the Loser-in-the-White House

Dear Loser-in-the-White House,

Loser, because you won the 2016 election only by asking Russia for help (which you did publicly) and coordinating your campaign with Russia’s campaign to help you.

Loser, because you’re now hiding 24 emails in the possession of the Office of Management and Budget that lay out your corrupt motives for delaying military aid to Ukraine. People whose conduct is “perfect” don’t need to hide the evidence. They make the evidence of their supposed innocence available immediately.

Loser, because there’s no such thing as an absolute “presidential privilege.” Like Nixon, like Hitler, you believe that whatever you do is beyond reproach, that actual laws are to be ignored, that morality is something only weak people believe in.

Loser, because your pathetic Senate Republicans have prevented any trial of your deeds, favoring a cover-up, because your cult followers care nothing about true democracy, because they’re hypocrites,

Loser, because ANY of the potential Democratic candidates against you this year are going to win, hands down, and make you a one-and-gone.  Biden will beat you, or Sanders will beat you, or Warren will beat you, or Buttigieg will beat you, or Yang will beat you, or Bloomberg will beat you, or Klobuchar will beat you. Or Bennett or Patrick. Even those who dropped out of the race would easily have beaten you.

So you can pretend you’re earning a great victory when the Senate acquits you of abuse of power. The clock is ticking until you’re kicked out of the White House.

And then we’ll look at those 24 emails and everything else you’ve hidden.

And then decent federal prosecutors will know what to do.

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger

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To the impeached president …

Dear Impeached Imposter:

I’m so proud to be an American when I listen to the House Managers present their very strong case against you. Not proud that you – a con artist, liar, and bully – were elected, but that the brave Democrats in the House of Representatives have pressed this case against you as well as they have.

The House Managers are honorable people who are putting their country first. They’ve prosecuted the impeachment case with accuracy and intelligence, demonstrating beyond any doubt that you abused your power for your own personal gain and would do so again immediately unless removed from office.

They’ve done so with spirit and dignity, even while recognizing that the craven Republicans in the Senate will not do their constitutional duty and that you will likely remain in office until January 2021.

They’ve done so with spirit and dignity, even while recognizing that you irreparably damaged our democracy, that our free republic of the people may not survive the damage you’ve done.

Too bad the Republicans in the Senate don’t feel the same way about our country, don’t care about democracy, and are only too happy to sweep everything under the rug.

Now, you’ve ordered that any Republican who goes against you “will have their head on a pike.” Your thug friends like Putin would be happy to help.

Your directive is jury tampering. The Senate is now a court of the United States, and the Senators are jurors. Your promises of retribution are crimes under 18 U.S.C. 1503 and 1504, which prohibit threatening or intimidating jurors. We can add that to the long list of your other crimes.

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger

P.S. – As Facebook is now not letting me promote this letter, I will ask my followers all to share.

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Great defense team … a letter to the White House

Dear Mr. Trump,

Of course you should have the most prominent defense attorneys in the country. They’ll clearly assist you greatly in your struggle to stay in office.

Prof. Dershowitz, we recall, was a key part of the “Dream Team” that got murderer O.J. Simpson off the hook by raising entirely bogus issues and obfuscating truth. I respect Prof. Dershowitz, having worked for him one summer at Harvard Law, and he’s just what you need.

Others able to garner Prof. Dershowitz’s outstanding defense acumen include Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.

Prof. Dershowitz brings honor to the legal profession by undertaking the representation of less-than-popular clients. All Americans deserve the best legal defense they can get, whether or not they’re scum. It’s why our system is the best system in the world.

Ken Starr, we recall, thought that President Clinton should be removed from office for lying in a deposition about an extramarital affair. That somehow jeopardized our national security, whereas now Mr. Starr feels that soliciting bribery, illegally withholding military support for an ally while you sought and in return for a personal, political boost, is insignificant.

What did Mr. Starr say recently about your case? I remember now: “Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony is a ‘bombshell’ that all but guarantees articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. He said further that “We now know that the president, in fact, committed the crime of bribery.”

So he’s going to argue that the bribe you sought – announcement of a phony investigation against Joe Biden – was insignificant. Right. And pigs can fly.

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger

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Why spy on your own Ambassador …?

Dear Mr. Trump,

With every passing moment, the depravity of your Ukrainian scheme and schemers becomes clearer.

We see now this morning, first, that Rudy G. stated in writing that he was acting under your direction. That’s no surprise.

But, second, we see also that Rudy was likely directing a spying operation on Ambassador Yovanovich, our Ambassador to Ukraine. She was working hard to upset the Ukrainian corruption that your friend Rudy and his criminal associates – who illegally funneled Russian money into your campaign coffers – were party to.

Which brings me to your friendship with Vladimir Putin …

How many political assassinations has your close buddy Putin been responsible for? Here are the names of just a few journalists (as found in Wikipedia), critics of Putin, who died mysteriously in 2018:

July 31 – Sergei Grachyov went missing in Nizhny Novgorod on July 21 after taking a reporting trip there from Moscow. His body was found 11 days later.

September 10 – Yegor Orlov disappeared on September 7 after leaving for work in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan. His body was later found in a river in the Yelabuzhsky District.

And how about the shooting death of Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian Communist Party member who began sharply criticizing Putin in Ukraine?

This is just a tiny list of all the names that can easily be found.

So, with that background, how about telling us why Ambassador Yovanovich was being watched, electronically and in person, under the obvious direction of Rudy G., your agent?

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger

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