What Happened to the Sun?


Night has fallen on America

What we think is the sun rising

Is pure illusion


The earth has stopped spinning

America’s voters have ganged up on it

Pushing hard together against its spin

Pushing hard to reverse it the way Superman did


To bring us back to that greatness of the past


Oh joy! When the poor can go without medical care!

Oh happy days! When men can grab women’s crotches!

Oh the ecstasy! When facts no longer matter!


Oh joy of segregation! Hallelujah!

Oh happy days of pollution! Praise be to the Almighty!

Oh the ecstasy of prayer in public schools! Sing to Him a new song!


I hear Sieg Heil and see him raise his hand in that unforgettable salute.

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What does it mean to be a “legitimate” president? If “legitimate” means “according to law,” then perhaps Trump was legitimately elected, since I’m not aware that a law forbids Russia from interfering in our election process. Why shouldn’t Russia be allowed to voice its opinion and implement its desires through the release of stolen emails? In fact, why shouldn’t the FBI be allowed to focus its investigations on the female candidate it doesn’t like and give a free pass to the male candidate it likes? What does any of that have to do with legitimacy, anyway?

If a liar can be legitimately elected, then it’s possible Trump is legitimate. If a bully can be legitimately elected, then surely Trump can be legitimate. If a liar and a bully can be legitimately elected – as long as the requisite voters marked their ballots for him according to our Constitution – then why can’t Trump be legitimately elected?

Exactly as Trump derides those who oppose him through his tweets, Joseph Goebbels in 1932 called Hitler’s opponents “hacks.” The same way the Nazis sought and obtained power, through the voting booths, our president-elect – so legitimately elected – promises jobs and attacks non-Christians.

If a man can be legitimately elected, even though he brags about assaulting women, even though he mocks the disabled, even though he lies, even though he bullies, then nothing makes Trump illegitimate. He does what his voters must think is acceptable, and that’s the democratic way. Isn’t it?

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Shiva for Our Country

What’s the proper period of shiva for a country? The Talmud gives no direct answer. But we still mourn for King Solomon’s Temple Destroyed 2600 years ago. So perhaps the answer is We sit shiva for …

Source: Shiva for Our Country

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Shiva for Our Country

What’s the proper period of shiva for a country?
The Talmud gives no direct answer.
But we still mourn for King Solomon’s Temple
Destroyed 2600 years ago.
So perhaps the answer is
We sit shiva for at least 2600 years.
Then shloshim, thirty from our country’s death —
We still mourn, but with less intensity,
And can finally change our clothes?
By the measure of shiva for a country,
Shloshim must exceed ten thousand years.
I won’t be here to finish either sorrow.
I doubt anyone will be here then, anyway,
With His Orange’s finger on the bomb.

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Reminding Me, A Poem

Invective!/How easy it was/for someone I knew/to call me a “Democrat baby-killer.”

How easy it has been/for someone closer than I’d like to think/to brandish these crude words/in her satisfaction/that “anchor babies” might now be kicked out.

The baby-killers among us have reached/the highest ranks; they salivate, ready/To turn back refugees/into the teeth of certain death/they channel the ship St Louis,

reminding me how more than 900 Jews/fleeing the Nazis in 1939/were forced to return/to their deaths.

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Based on Today’s Washington Post Article

A liver transplant

what her husband needs

but impossible

without insurance


Yet they voted for

a man who promised

to repeal the



Why, they questioned her,

did you enable

him into office

to end your coverage?


We heard him say that,

we thought how depraved

it would be, but we

didn’t believe him.


What then did you think

was so good about

the orange ass-flame

that garnered your vote?


He promised to wreck

the system, to shake things

up, to drain the swamp,

to build a great wall.


And these promises

motivated you?

They did, because why would

he lie to us? Why?

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Where Are We Now?

It’s impossible to get one’s head around the continuing series of outrages and embarrassments. The President-elect declaring that the won a “landslide,” when of course that’s a lie and everyone knows he just squeaked by. The President-elect telling China that the United States doesn’t want its sea-going drone back, and he’s not even in office. The President-elect’s selection of a climate change denied to head the EPA. If one thinks this is bad so far, the horror hasn’t even started. The sick feeling that most of the country feels right now must be what it’s like to be a passenger in a plane that’s lost control and is diving to destruction; or maybe it’s the sick feeling of being a passenger in a plane that’s been hijacked and you know it’s being flown into a building, intent on destroying itself and democracy, because that’s what’s happened. Is happening. Will continue to happen for the foreseeable future.

So how do we react? The realists among us will see that we are headed toward doom, but if we care about our country, we will do whatever we can do to fight against this destruction, even if we believe that the fight will be helpless. When the historians of one hundred years hence look back at how American democracy – how the United States itself – came to an end, I will want them to see that there were those of us who did not accept this sitting down.

But there also those among us for whom the impending horror is so overwhelming that they cannot accept its reality. There are those of us who still dream that this can be put right somehow. If, for example, as I’ve been told, we only talk to those Trump supporters and listen to their real concerns and establish a dialog, why then we might achieve a better understanding and head the country in a less dangerous direction. I do not assert moral blame to those who reason this way, because their fear does not allow them to see things as they really are. When it is too terrible to realize that one’s country is falling down around one, that one is personally in danger from the white supremacists and the anti-Semites and the Confederate-flag wavers, one imagines something different. One needs to keep reality at bay so as not to go crazy. I can understand that reaction, but, sadly, this failure to perceive and admit the truth is the same kind of failure that led so many people to doubt that Donald Trump could gain the Republican nomination, let alone win the election.

I will try to say it clearly. There are two types of Trump supporters. There are those who believe his lies and agree with his message of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, and there are those who are willing to tolerate these lies and traits in the hope of some other personal goal that they feel Trump’s presidency will advance. If there is a moral line between these two groups, that line is vague at best, but for me the two groups are equally evil and dangerous. What’s the difference, frankly, between the thug who paints a swastika on a synagogue, for example, and his neighbor who is willing to look the other way? What’s the difference, frankly, between the Republican-controlled county zoning board that denies a permit for a mosque on specious, religiously-biased reasons and the voters who put them in office? There’s no difference, not really.

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