White House Rejects Post It Does Not Like:

I attempted to post my letter to President Trump into his “Get In Touch” box at http://www.whitehouse.gov and was rejected, allegedly because of “emoji or special characters” contained within my letter. Yet, there were none. Here is my letter to President Trump, headed by the rejection message in bold:

Special characters such as emoji are not permitted in this field. Please remove 

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations! I hear that your supporters are wildly enthusiastic about your so-called performance in your first 100 days in office. Despite the fact that you have not successfully implemented, over even begun to implement your campaign promises – for which I thank the Almighty – your supporters believe that you have accomplished much. They believe that you have already “drained the swamp,” which is laughable. They believe, apparently, that you have brought God back into government, although how exactly you have done that – p***y-grabber that you admittedly are – remains unclear to me. They believe that you’re on your way to returning coal-mining jobs, ignoring the fact that no such jobs have been or will be created.

What explains these beliefs, all of which fly in the face of evidence? The question is almost irrelevant, because nothing explains beliefs other than the will to believe.

Yet, I can think of historical examples, all too many in fact, of people who give up rational thought in order to embrace a mentally-imbalanced, narcissistic leader, one who, by instilling fear, gains controls to satisfy his own ego, one who has no real concern for the people who tragically put him into a position of leadership. Hitler comes to mind, an egomaniac who led an entire country to destruction. Jim Jones comes to mind as well, who in November 1978 – if you do not recall – led his so-called religious community to mass suicide. He too brought God back into government.

Very truly yours,

Bruce J. Berger




About brucejberger

Bruce J. Berger has published his short fiction in a variety of print and on-line literary journals, including Prole, Jersey Devil Press Anthology, The Awakenings Review, Raphael's Village, Eastown Fiction, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and others. He also publishes shorts stories for Amazon's Kindle. He is pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at American University beginning in August 2015.
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